Magnum Nominates Record Number of New Members

Six photographers became the candidates for the full membership in the photo agency during an annual meeting.

For the first time in Magnum’s 68-year history six candidates were named to become new members of the agency writes TIME. Previously, only one or two candidates were named per year, or sometimes there were no new members nominated.

Michael Christopher Brown joined the agency as a new full member, while Matt Black, Carolyn Drake, Lorenzo Meloni, Richard Mosse, Max Pinckers and Newsha Tavakolian became the nominees.

Before the nominees become the full members in 2019, the photographers will have to resubmit their work to become associate members of Magnum Photo. Each one of them will need to receive at least 66% of the votes to join the agency.

The decision to nominate six photographers, according to the words of the agency’s president Martin Parr, is a sign of “our desire to find the best new talent that can contribute to the future of Magnum.”

(Photo on the cover: @magnumphotos)

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