Social Networks Depicted As Human Males

Artist from Latvia shows how Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram would look if they were men.

After last year series What If Girls Were Internet Browsers by fashion photographer Viktorija Pashuta attracted the attention of internet users, she decided to continue exploring the topic and to shoot a new series, “What If Guys Were Social Networks” says

In her blog Pashuta published eight images which show how popular social networks would look in a real life – if they were a human male. Joining forces with a stylist from Vanichi magazine, the artist used the color palette of the brands, and also added characters and styles. Facebook is depicted as casual, Instagram as vintage, Pinterest as creative and LinkedIn as business.

“With the age of social media and its influence on everyday life, we feel its direct presence and necessity to use these channels as the source of communication and sharing the content. While socializing with friends, relatives, and colleges online, the actual online platforms sort of became “alive.” And then I thought what would of happened if I tried to humanize well known social networks,” writes Pashuta.

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