Psychologist And Photographer Create Low Self Esteem Training

Noticing that people become embarrassed in front of a camera, and quickly unveil neurosis, psychologist Anna Rowley and photographer Peter Hurley teamed up to help build self-confidence.

When psychologist Anna Rowley and headshot photographer Peter Hurley realized people are generally afraid of cameras, they decided to develop a project “Psyphotology.” Explaining its goals at a TEDxCambridge talk, Anna and Peter explained why some people want to escape when they see a camera, and what benefits that fear can bring.

Research has shown cameras reveals the gap between an image of self a person tries to comply with – and reality. The more the gap, the more constrained a person feels while modeling in front of a camera. Authors have noticed that during photo sessions it is possible to quickly find out specific psychological problems and start working with them.

Anna and Peter invite everybody to participate in their training, which according to them, will help you to feel more confident in front of a camera and in life.

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