Response to Paris Tragedy as Captured by Instagram Users

How the world reacted to the terror attacks in the capital of France.

A series of terror attacks was perpetrated in Paris on the night of November 13, 2015. There were explosions near Stade de France stadium, where France was hosting Germany. At the Bataclan concert hall during an Eagles of Death Metal show, four militants opened fire on the audience. Also, in two other districts of Paris armed people started shooting at passersby and visitors of restaurants. More than 150 people died, and more than 200 were wounded.

Near Le Carillon bar, where a shooting happened on Friday night.

At the steps of the embassy of France in Belgrade (Serbia).

A participant of the procession in Sydney (Australia).

Indian children are praying for the victims of Paris terror attacks.

Near the embassy of France in Helsinki.

Sydney Opera House.

The front pages of French newspapers the morning after the attacks.

San Francisco City Hall.

“We are French, and we are not afraid”. Italy.

Flowers near the embassy of France in Moscow.


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Procession in Berlin in memory of the victims.

Valencia (Spain).

Embassy of France in Kyiv.

Copenhagen (Denmark).

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Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

A procession in Laval (Canada).


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