Colombian Designer Invents Teleportal Game

Network videogame Omnipresenz will allow users to control other people in real time.

Last week Colombian designer Daniel Gonzalez Franco launched a fundraising campaign for an interactive game where users will be able to control another person via his or her avatar.

According to the developers, through the computer app a user will be able to select any available city in the world along with an avatar, played by a volunteer. After connecting, the volunteer, wearing a camera on a helmet, will begin video acting for the user: he/she walking on the streets, talking to the strangers, giving money to the street musicians, drinking in the bars, in other words exploring the world for the person, who sits in front of a computer on other side of the world.

“Although it can be used for many purposes Omnipresenz is intended to be used as a charity system aiming to encourage a better sense of trust in charity processes,” says Franco.

Above the video stream you will find a User Interaction Panel, where users communicate with avatars, and propose “nice actions” that require money to be completed. Other users can see those offers, comment on them, and transfer money.

“You can propose in the “Nice Actions Panel” to buy flowers for an old lady on the street. You then give money to the action. If other connected users agree or like this action, they can also support it. Once the amount is reached, the avatar will use that money for purchasing and delivering the flowers– live– as you watch the beautiful moment,” says the designer.

You can contribute to the development of this project until December 25.

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