Facebook Creating Photo Albums for Children

Photos of the users who are too young to be registered will be collected in a scrapbook.

On April 31st, Facebook announced the launching of a new service. The scrapbook has been created to organize photos of children who are too young to have their own account. The developers explained that photos of infants are regularly tagged for his/her parents. Because of this phenomenon, baby photos are scattered in the various albums. To preserve the photo history of a child, the company suggests that parents mark their children on the photos with a special tag. These photos will be saved in the customizable scrapbook with access available only to users selected by the parents.

To activate a scrapbook function, go to Profile and click on “Family” and “Relationship”. If a profile contains info about your children, after activation of the service you will be able to tag your kids in the photos.

Facebook begins testing the service in the USA on April 1st.

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