525 Million New Internet Users in 2014

A Singapore based company published results of a sociological survey on internet trends of the last year.

The We are social agency published results of an annual study Digital, Social and Mobile, which tracks numbers of internet and social media users. Prepared as a presentation, the report contains more than 400 slides.

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In 2014 the number of internet users in the world increased by 21% or by 525 million people. 29% of the population actively uses social networks, averaging 2.5 hours a day (from 45 minutes per day in Japan up to 4.3 hours per day in Argentina).

Facebook remains the most popular site with more than 1 billion 366 million users, 83% of them using a mobile version. Second and third most popular sites are Chinese Qzone (629 million) and Russian Вконтакте (100 million). Over the last year the number of the social network users increased by 23%.

Other research says that the target audience of WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger and Viber messengers grow every month by 100 millions.

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