New photo trend replaces “selfies”

The term "selfie" has become relatively common, and now a new phenomenon takes over the social media described as "usie", as in "us".

The new term started appearing on the web over a year ago. For instance, in July 2013 published an article titled “Selfie is dead, Usie is the latest trend!”, and in a publication of Business Insider from January 2014 the author mentions that one crucial distinction that divides an usie from a more typical group picture is arm positioning, – usies still contain the “signature outstretched arm” of the selfie to capture multiple persons and therefore qualify for a label of their own.

According to Professor Strahilevitz, a specialist in consumer behavior, usies will have far more social value than selfies, as they reflect interpersonal relationships.

The term is fairly new and still not as popular as “selfie”. For example, the famous usie taken by Ellen Degeneres during the Oscar ceremony in March 2014 (pictured) is yet to be labeled as such with the new word.

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