Video Of The Day: What Music Looks Like

Nigel Stanford visualized sound with help from sand, water, fire, ferro fluid, and plasma.

Inspired by a documentary on ‘Synesthesia” – a disorder which makes people smell or see colors of sounds, an Australian Musician Nigel Stranford, decided to make a video where every sound has visual effects.

Together with a film director Shahir Daud they made a video titled “Cymatics” (cymatics is the study of visible sound co vibration) based on Stranford’s audio track of the same name. While making the video the team conducted seven cymatic experiments:

Chladni Plate

Hose Pipe

Speaker Dish

Ferro Fluid

Plasma Ball
Rube’s Tube

Tesla coil

Stranford describes the process of conducting the experiments and what it was like backstage on his web-site.

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