Exhibition of the WWII Photographs Taken by Valery Faminsky to Be Opened in Moscow

The exhibition presents about 50 photographs.

An exhibition of Valery Faminsky’s photographs opens between April 15 and May 14 in the Gallery of Classic Photography in Moscow. Valery Faminsky worked as a photojournalist during WWII. The exhibition will include about 50 photographs that he took in Berlin in the final days of the war.

These photographs along with many more were discovered only last year, when Ukrainian photographer Arthur Bondar accidentally saw the advertising selling an archive of an unknown Soviet photographer: after Faminsky’s death, his family decided to sell the collection which was carefully stored for many decades.

When Bondar bought the archive and scanned the negatives, he found many photographs that were earlier not shown to the wide public. As a photojournalist, Faminsky visited seven fronts of the WWII and took part in the liberation of Sevastopol and Berlin.

Bird in Flight published some of the photographs from Faminsky’s archive earlier: they are featured in this series of articles.

All photos: Valery Faminsky

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