Audi Criticized for Comparing Women with Used Cars in Their New Commercial

Internet users did not appreciate the joke.

Several days ago, Audi released a commercial for its used car shop in China where the female character is compared to a car, The Washington Post writes.

The half-minute video shows a wedding ceremony that is abruptly interrupted by the mother of the groom: she examines the bride, and then finally approve her son’s choice and leaves, casting a judgemental look at the young woman’s breast as she goes. “An important decision must be made carefully,” the video concludes.

The commercial caused outrage on social networks, with many users accusing it of sexism and misogyny. Some of them asked Audi to apologize immediately, some others promised to cancel their plans to buy an Audi car. One of the users wrote that the company showed what a commercial that scares off potential customers looks like.

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