Bizarre Magazine’s Editor David McComb Publishes Book About Tattoo History

David McComb and photo editor Tom Broadbent collected more than 400 photos of tattoos from the beginning of 20th century till present.

A photo book 100 Years of Tattoos, by the cultural specialist and Bizarre magazine’s editor David McComb will be published in September 2015. The book will tell the story of how tattoo art went from the underground to the mainstream. The authors collected more than 400 photos, many of which are being published for the first time. McComb followed the changes of attitude towards “drawing on the body” in Western society. At the beginning it was done mainly by soldiers to show their patriotic feelings, then by American youth to express protest, and today tattoos are elements of style.

“Tom Broadbent, the picture editor on the book, used many ingenious approaches to find the best images — from contacting tattooists directly to establishing links with archivists who’ve been collecting tattoo flash, photos and stories for decades. We also approached contributors via blogs, spoke to museum curators and called in lots of Bizarre favors to collect the images we needed—but it took a long time,” said the McComb.

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