Canon celebrates the anniversary of the company’s first camera

In 1934 Japan company produced a prototype form of Hansa Canon camera called Kwanon.

Canon Company commemorates its 80th anniversary as from the date of its first camera Kwanon producing in 1934. Kwanon became the first Japan 35mm focal-plane-shutter camera and became the culmination of Japan engineering dream striving to catch up with Europe which was standard-bearer of the camera industry at the time.

The developers who created the camera had a hope that God’s blessing would help them in their front-end engineering. The camera called Kwanon was named after the Buddhist Goddess of mercy Kwannon and the camera’s lens called Kasyapa was named after Mahakasyapa who was a disciple of Buddha. Besides the top portion of the camera body featured an engraving depicting the thousand-armed Kwannon.

In one and a half year after Kwanon prototype birth Canon launched its first commercial product – 35mm focal-plane-shutter camera. The Canon History as a camera manufacturer started up upon this model launch.

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