Converse Shows Sneakers Owned By Celebrities

The internal world of a Converse owner is reflected in the appearance of his/her sneakers.

To celebrate the sale of one billion pairs of Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers, the shoe brand Converse launched a global campaign Made By You, to prove that the sneakers are defined by people who wear them. The company made a video featuring sneakers reflecting their owners.

Conserve also published photos All Stars owned by Andy Warhol, Glenn O’Brien, Kate Lanphear, Ron English and graffiti artist Futura.

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“‘Made By You’ originated from a simple human truth – we all want to be our true, authentic self in this world. Fans of Chuck Taylor are the ones who have made Chuck Taylor an iconic badge of creative self-expression. It’s time we celebrated them,” said Ian Stewart, Converse Vice President of Global Marketing.

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