81st Anniversary of First Loch Ness Monster Pic

Google Street View offers a virtual tour of the famous Scottish lake.

Celebrating the 81st anniversary of the famous photograph of the Loch Ness monster by Robert Wilson (originally published in the Daily Mail), Google Street View is offering a virtual tour of Scottish Loch Ness, writes Independent.

Adrian Shine teamed up with Google Street View and Catlin Seaview Survey teams to take photographs above and below the waters. In Google Maps users are able to explore the area, and look for the mysterious monster.

A Nessie peg-monster will appear instead of the usual yellow Pegman that points to your location on the map. Also the Doodle shows aliens manoeuvring a Nessie-shaped contraption powered by cogs under the loch.

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The photograph made by Wilson in 1934 was the first proof of the monster’s existence. Experts are skeptical – some think the photographer captured a big salmon. In 2005 British national Neil Clark compared a schedule of traveling circuses with the date the image was taken and concluded that Wilson captured an underwater elephant.

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