Stack Creates List of Top 10 Indie Magazine Covers of the Year

Users were voting for the best covers in the Instagram profile of the company.

A postal service for indie magazines, Stack, created a rating list of the most popular indie magazine covers for the first part of 2015. The covers were selected by the number of the likes on the publication’s Instagram.

Stack selects and posts independent magazines for subscribers with the condition that a subscriber does not know what he or she will receive next month. The idea behind the service is to open new indie magazines to the general public.

10. A travel Magazine Lost explores the world from a Chinese perspective.

9. The latest issue of Intern, a magazine about creative youth, breaks the tradition of publishing portraits on the cover.

8. Holborn features high-quality products in the different spheres.

7. A frame made in turquoise and green colors is a perfect background for a dramatic image on GOOD‘s cover.

6.The design of the magazine about mental health Nous is very simple.

5. For the first time in its 125 year history this issue of The Gentlewoman features a color photo on the cover.

4. A black and white panorama of Tokyo is featured on the cover of Drift, a magazine about coffee and travel.

3. A Swiss magazine about club culture Zweikommasieben.

2. The first issue of the French magazine Les Others is devoted “fresh air and creativity.”

1. 1. Nobody came close to the provocative cover of Gym Class, an edition about magazines and people who are creating them.

(Photo on the cover:

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6 967
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