Infographic of the Day: 100 the Most Popular Emojis in Instagram

Pictographs that express positive emotions like hearts, kisses, smiles and winking are opening the list.

In the beginning of June, marketing agency Curalate published the ratings of the 100 most popular emojis on Instagram. The first place was taken the heart – it was used 575,381 times. Second place was awarded to a smiley with the hearts instead of the eyes (321,684 times). It was followed by a kissing face (185,186 times). According to the statistics the most popular emoji-drink became beer (49th place) and the favorite emoji-food was a cake (64th place).

At the end of the April, developers of Instagram added an emojis option in hashtag to the app. Curalate agency analyzed the total number of photos used with the symbols between April 27the and May 27th, 2015. Today, about half of the captions and comments on Instagram contain at least one emoji.

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(Photo on the cover: Intel Free Press / Flickr.)

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