Infographic of the Day: Use of Force in Star Wars

All instances of use of the Force in the fist six episodes of the saga.

Bloomberg published an infographic dedicated to the world premiere of the new Star Wars, which counts the events of the use of the Force in the previous six episodes of the saga.

They found out that the on screen force time is 34 minues, which is only 4% from the total length of all movies. The light side applies the force for 25 minutes, while the dark side — only 9. No other character uses the Force as often as Luke Skywalker.

Bloomberg also found out, which of the Force abilities were used most often and even counted how often it was mentioned in conversation.

Describing their methodology, the authors of the infographic noted that they used the cumulative approach, counted only the observable use of the Force, rounded their length to the nearest second and sorted all the events by character.


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