Interactive Map of Sunrise and Sunset Photos

Michelle Chandra tracks the posts with personal hashtags #sunrise and #sunset on Instagram.

Michelle Chandra, a graduate student at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, launched a project All Our Suns, that shows how often people all over the globe shoot sunrises and sunsets. She created three interactive maps: the first one marks where and when the images with the hashtags #sunrise or #sunset were published over the last 24 hours, the second one collects all the images by their locations. And the third map shows when two people from the different part of the world publish the images in the same time – somebody sees it as sunrise, somebody sees it as sunset. The experiment shows that people are always inspired by the sun.

“We live in a world that follows a fixed idea of time, a standard synchronized time held in place by time zones, clocks, and calendars. Instagram users reveal a different idea of time, a richly textured irregular time in which the setting sun and end of the day for one individual is the beginning of the day for another, a never-ending loop,” writes Chandra.

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