Men Featured in Lipstick Ad

Beauty editor of a fashion magazine put on lipstick on men and asked them to describe their feelings about it.

Phillip Picardi, senior beauty editor at Refinery 29, is using men to advertise lipstick. For the shoot, he asked 15 volunteers to select one of the shades of spring collection of Tacha, Maybelline, Chanel, Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford. After the photo session he talked to the models, asking them if they wore makeup before, their thoughts about the color they chose, and how they feel wearing lipstick. He published the men’s answers in the article: Boys In Lipstick, Just Because.

“Men wearing lipstick is not a novelty for me. In my world, as a beauty editor and a gay man, it’s a regular occurrence. But, I appreciate the men here taking time out from their jobs to sit down, pick out lipsticks that spoke to them, and try something new for the day. The lipsticks ended up enhancing their looks; making them cooler,” says Picardi.

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