Notebook Of Photographer Of Captain Scott’s Expedition Found In Antarctica

The notebook may have important explanations about photographs made more than 100 years ago.

Researchers from New Zealand’s Antarctic Heritage Trust found the notebook at Cape Evans, not far from the the 1912 camp of English explorer Robert Scott.

The notebook was lost by George Levick, surgeon and photographer, who was one of the members of the Scott’s expedition. His notes contain pencil sketches and details of the photographic records – like dates, subjects, and exposure details. Over the years, the notebook was lying under snow and was recently exposed after summer (for the Southern Hemisphere) snow melting. Levick’s notebook was severely damaged by time and moisture, but experts are hoping to restore its content.

“I think what it does is help to explain the photographs that Levick left behind. Often times what happens is you just get the photographs themselves and they form part of a collection; but these give us the subject titles he gave the images,” says manager of the Antarctic Heritage Trust program, Lizzie Meek.

Last year at the same place, at Cape Evans, researchers of the Trust found negatives of photographs left by Robert Scott.

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