Pakistani Artists in Karachi Cover Up Hate Graffiti with Cheerful Images

200 people will participate in the project aimed to return to the city its cheerful mood. The artists will repaint 1600 places including school wall and flyovers.

To change the look of Karachi, one of the biggest cities in the world, 200 Pakistani artists and volunteers with the support of the local authorities, will repaint the walls with cheerful designs and graffiti.

It’s planned that the artists will repaint walls in 1,600 different places writes The Nation.

“We are working together and taking back the city by reclaiming the walls which are filled with hate graffiti,” says one of the participants, an artist Norayya Shaikh Nabi.

During the last several years, Karachi was flooded with a wave of the murders and terrorist attacks. The project’s organizers hope that the positive images will soften the outcomes of the years of violence and will improve the attractiveness of the city for the tourists.

“When you see positive things around you so your behaviour becomes positive and a big change comes along in one’s life,” – explains the project leader, an artist Munawar Ali Syed.

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