New Platform For Photo Stories About Traveling

Authors of collect stories and photos about remotes places in the world.

Last week British travelers Dorothy Sanders, Dean Fischer and Jonny Miller announced the launching of a non-profit project, where photographers, writers and journalists may post their photo stories about traveling.

Maptia started an ordinary blog. But over the past year it has significantly changed. The new Maptia is an interactive map of the globe, which the developers are planning to fill with travel stories from all over the world. The site already has 385 stories about Asia, 134 stories about Africa, 275 about North America, 88 about South America, 436 about Europe and 55 stories about Australia.

Visitors of the portal may post stories in any language within eight main themes: People of the World, Adrenaline Seeking, Culinary Adventures, Festivals and Celebrations, Urban Explorations, Wonders of the World, On the Road to Somewhere, and Hike to the Summit. Founders anticipate the writing to describe personal experience and will touch on topics of culture, geography and history. Recommended size of the photos is 2,000 x 750 pixels. Every published story will be connected to a define place on the map.

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