Recognizability of Apple Logo Tested in USA

The results show that only one person in 85 is able to recall the logo correctly.

Scientists from the University of California asked 85 students to draw the Apple logo in order to test how well people remember the elements of corporate identities. In spite of the fact that all of the 85 participants in the experiment use Apple gadgets daily, only one person was able to recall the Apple icon, and only seven others were able to draw a recognizable version of the symbol. All the participants remembered that the logo consists of an apple with a bite taken out of it, but most did not remember which side the bite was taken and the actual shape of the apple.

After publication of the report, the British Psychological Society explained the reasons for the results. According to them, if person sees a symbol or an image, his or her brain may “set” a lower priority on remembering its details. Person does not need to remember that information because it can be accessed any time.

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