Sculpture is Given a Parking Ticket

Art-installation with a truck parked on a building’s wall receives 30 EURO fine.

Police of the German city of Karlsruhe, gave a ticket for improper parking to a sculpture of a truck by artist Erwin Wurm, writes The Local. An installation created by Wurm as part of the 300th birthday celebration of the city is based on a Mercedes transporter MB100D front chassis, with a rear truck portion which curves up to almost a vertical position against the wall of the Center for Art and Media. The art-piece was located in a restricted parking zone. The Center for Art and Media posted a photo of the installation with the parking ticket on Facebook and jokingly asked the artist to pay the fine. The mayor of the city Frank Mentrup announced that he will try to “fix” the issue.

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(Cover photo by Erwin Wurm: Truck/ZKM)

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