Unknown Picture by Andy Warhol is Discovered

The work of 20 year old Warhol was published in student magazine called Cano

An unknown picture, Andy Warhol’s second published work, was discovered in the archive of Carnegie Mellon University (USA), where Warhol studied writes Artnet.

The work was published in a student magazine called Cano. Artnet’s critic, Blake Gopnic, says that is was not so difficult to find the picture, knowing where the earlier drawings were stored.

“Warhol would have been all of 20 when he drew the picture, in his senior year in college, but still finding his footing as an artist. He was talented enough to have been named art director of Cano, the students’ literary magazine. But he was also enough of a beginner to produce a work that doesn’t quite know where it’s going,” says the critic.

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