White House Lifts Ban on Cameras During Public Tours

Visitors of the US President’s residence are now allowed to shoot photos.

On July 1st, the White House lifted the ban on photography in the residence. Visitors are now permitted to shoot photos and videos during public tours, writes Fstoppers. After the administration published an official announcement, the First Lady posted an Instagram video featuring her tearing off a “no photos” sign. The White House also suggested that their guests share images on the social network with the hashtag #WhiteHouseTour.

There are still limitations for shooting. For example, visitors cannot use equipment longer than 7,62 cm (3 iches). The same rule implies to cameras with detachable lenses, tripods, selfie sticks and action-cameras. Flash photography and livestreaming are not permitted either.

Shooting at the White House was banned 40 years ago. The White House explained at the time that flashes could damage the art in the building, writes Reuters.

In the trash can where it belongs. Photographs now allowed on White House tours for the first time. #whitehousetour

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For the first time in more than 50 years, cameras are now permitted on the public White House tours. #whitehousetour

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Selfies galore on the public White House tour this morning. #whitehousetour

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Playing with his stuffed "Bo" doggy #WhiteHouseTour

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kisses & peace signs with my homie GW #WhiteHouseTour #BasicallyFamous @WhiteHouse

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#sarahjessicaparker #thefirstlady #selfie #whitehousetour

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Watching president @BarackObama fly out in Marine One during today's #WhiteHouseTour, felt like I was in a movie. #🚁

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Admiring Abe Lincoln's portrait @whitehouse #WhiteHouseTour

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