Winners of British Journal of Photography Award Announced

The best photo was made by Jane Hahn in Nigeria, the best series was shoot by Dominic Hawgood in the African community of London

Last week the jury panel of the BJP’s International Photography Award, headed by Erik Kessels, Brett Rogers, and Emma Bowkett, named the winners of the best single image and and of the best series in 2014.

The best single image IPA prize was awarded to Jane Hahn, a photojournalist from The New York Times and Washington Post Magazine for a photo of a Nigerian woman walking to her room after bathing in an informal community. The image is part of Hahn’s unfinished project about the residents of Lagos, who lost their houses due to forced evictions.

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The best series became Dominic Hawgood’s project “Under the Influence” inspired by evangelical Christian Africans who live in London. To highlight theatrical elements typical in these religious ceremonies, Hawgood mixed photography, lighting design and CGI.

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“The winner and runners up of this year’s BJP photography competition show that an idea or a story together with a strong execution become more and more crucial in the practice of a photographer,” said Eric Kessels, one of the juries.

733 people took part in the competition.

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