“I’ve Never Seen the Lithuanians So United”: Animator Robertas Nevecka Illustrations Supporting Ukraine

A Lithuanian animator Robertas Nevecka has created minimalistic illustrations supporting Ukraine since February 24: those of Patron (a sniffing dog), Chornobaivka and the legendary pickle jar. He spoke to Bird in Flight on how the war in Ukraine has united his motherland.
Robertas Nevecka

Film director, animator and illustrator from Vilnius. He draws for short films and music videos, works as an assistant director, creates comics abouts his work.

— I started making illustrations about Ukraine in that very morning when the war struck. I guess, it was a way to console my anger and pain caused by this absurd invasion.

Ukrainian directors instantly asked me to share information about the war and ways to help, while Russian directors got angry with me – they didn’t even know the war had started. But after they made sure it was true, they started yapping about Donbas liberation, denazification, and the US invading other countries. I had to block a lot of people on social media.

The proceedings from T-shirts with my illustrations go to the Blue Yellow charity fund to support Ukrainian forces. As for now, it’s about 2500 EUR. Besides, I grant permission to use my illustrations to any organization willing to print them to collect money for charity.

Lithuania used to be occupied by the USSR for 50 years, so the fear of Russian invasion is deeply rooted in our minds. That is why we know for sure what Ukraine is going through, there is no way Russian propaganda could fool us.

Lithuania used to be occupied by the USSR for 50 years, so the fear of Russian invasion is deeply rooted in our minds.

A lot of us started fearing for their safety. For instance, my sister prepared diesel cans in case she has to escape. The country is filled with rallies, charity events and campaigns against the companies cooperating with Russia. The citizens push the government to support Ukraine as much as possible. I’ve never seen the Lithuanians so united for the sake of the common cause.

Editorial note: later on, the journalists found out it could have been pickled tomatoes
“I close my eyes and see Oleg Gazmanov in front of me. He’s hitting me with a hose screaming "Nazis are everywhere!”

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