Not Dead: Being Gianluca Vacchi

We looked through the Instagram posts of the dancing millionaire and selected several videos that we found particularly inspiring.

He looks like a successful 40 at the age of 49, has a six-pack, dances impressively together with his young wife, and wrote a book about it all called Enjoy — Italian Instagram star Gianluca Vacchi knows how to party.

He dedicated the whole website to the art of GV Lifestyle as he calls it. It features impressive photographs and videos of Vacchi, sorted by tags, and an Internet shop which sells the T-shirt with a Resilienza print (‘resilience’ in Italian). For those wishing to have more Gianluca Vacchi in their lives, the millionaire created a paid iOS app with a collection of GVemoji. For a mere €1.99, your standard emoji will be replaced with a bearded man who can do a handstand, dive back-first, and ride a bike underwater.

Vacchi is the President of the company called SEA Società Europea Autocaravan that produces auto trailers and the board member at Industria Macchine Automatiche that develops equipments for manufacturing packaging for food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. He also is the member of the board of directors of several investment companies. However, Vacchi says that he owes his financial success to “family members, who were much better [than him] and could start a business, allowing him the space to express his creative side.”

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