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Japanese photographer Tatsuo Suzuki gave up his job at an IT company to fully devote himself to photography. Now he takes about 2,000 photographs a day, capturing the beauty in the streets of Tokyo.
Tatsuo Suzuki 51 years

Japanese self-taught street photographer Tatsuo Suzuki was born and lives in Tokyo. He started photographing in 2008 and has already received numerous prizes: Lens Culture Street Photography Awards Finalist in 2016, ND Awards Photography Contest 1st Place in 2015, IPA 2014 1st place (Lifestyle Category) in 2014 and many others.

— In 1990 I started working in sales at the IT Company Fujitsu Ltd. and in time began to forget how to express my emotions, energy, imagination. Back in college years I used to play guitar in a punk band, used to listen to that kind of music and that was me. I have regained how to express my emotional feeling through photography, which I discovered in 2008. This encounter with the camera and photography significantly changed my life. I quit my job with no plan in 2014 and now I am diligently shooting.

I photograph mainly in Shibuya, because this is my place since I was a student in 1985. And it is also one of the most vibrant areas in Tokyo. There are a variety of people I can glimpse and a variety of life patterns. And I want to capture it momentarily. I photograph mainly before sunset, 2-5pm, and I take near 2 thousand shots a day.

I quit my job with no plan in 2014 and now I am diligently shooting.

Receiving awards changes nothing, an award is just an award; it has nothing to do with the value of the photos. You always work to become a better photographer.

I try to capture the beauty of the moment in the street. I pursue my own theme, and then I discover a more advanced theme. This repeat of the stages is an advance.

Maybe photographing in the streets is my lifework. And in near future I’d like to publish a book.

Sometimes I make money with photography, but currently my main source of income is my part time job in the center for people with intellectual disabilities.

An award is just an award,it has nothing to do with the value of the photos.

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