Everyone or No One: Salvi Danes’ Project about Loneliness in a Big City

Salvi Danes from Catalonia came to Moscow several years ago to tell the story of being lonely while being surrounded by lots of people in a big city.
Salvi Danes Age 30

A documentary photographer from Spain. Participated in the Tarragona Festival (Spain 2012), the Festival of Young European Photography in Paris (2012), and the Festival for Young Photojournalism in Hannover (Germany 2012). Received many awards, including the Sony World Photography Award.

It’s a photographic project that talks about personal isolation in big cities. The visual study of urban dynamics and social factors that bring you to the arrangement of people in a space of well-being. Giving place to loneliness precisely when you are surrounded by lots of people.

I studied cities with lots of people, which had different geographic, economic, social and political locations. The idea is not talking about a city or town in particular, but discovering the common aspects of different societies and urban realities. Finding similarities and realizing that it is a global problem. Being able to establish parallelisms regardless of its nationality.

I was born and I have lived all my life in a big city. So, this project also comes from observing and trying to answer my own questions.

I don’t judge the Russians. My project neither talks about a community in particular nor about a specific region. It talks about the inhabitants of big cities, about the elements that influence them and are intrinsic to their individual behavior and about coexistence with other people. All big cities have things in common. In fact, all of them are similar organisms.

My work as a photographer is not giving answers, but generating questions.
The problem is not only in Moscow or other Russian cities. Loneliness can be felt in any big city around the world. It is a recurring feeling that many people live with.


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