Inmate on the Run Asked the Media to Replace Her Mugshot with a Better Photo

Amy Sharp (18) did not like the photo released by one of Sydney TV channels.

Amy Sharp (18) from Australia who escaped from the Corrective Services Cell Complex and was on the run for several days asked a Sydney TV channel not to broadcast her photograph taken at the police station.

Metro writes that a young woman escaped on August 19. She was put on the wanted list, and local media started broadcasting information about her: citizens were asked to report to the police if they saw someone similar in the street.

Such appeal was published on Facebook of 7 News Sydney TV channel. The post was illustrated with a young woman’s mugshots.

Several hours later, the runaway young woman turned up in the comments and asked to replace the photographs for the better one: “Can you you this photo? Please and thank you,” she wrote and attached a photograph from her personal archives. Her comment soon had over 60,000 likes.


A day after that, police arrested the young woman again. A policeman saw her in the park and convoyed her to the nearest police station.

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