3D Printers Learn How to Create Textures on Canvas

Startup Relief Art from Pisa updated their own technology that allows high-speed, low-cost printing of the tactile copies of the paintings.

Mauro Panettieri, one of the co-founders of Relief Art, showcased Dar3D, a new printing technology that recreates the form and color of a painting, and also reproduces the volume of the paint on it, writes 3dprint.com.

Panettieri started working on the project several years ago, printing the first images in 2013. Today the technology has been adapted in order to be introduced to a larger market and audience. Dar3D is capable of printing on the various materials including paper, canvas, faux leather, and plastic film.

Creating volume with paint on canvas brings depth, and adds expressiveness to the image. It’s called “impasto” and is prized by artists for bringing a three-dimensional sculptural effect to paintings.

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