The Best Images of National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year

The jury chose the winners of the annual contest of photographs of nature.

National Geographic named the winners of the annual contest of photographs of nature — Nature Photographer of the Year. The first prize and the title of the Photographer of the Year went to Greg Lecoeur from France, who documented the migration of sardines along the coast of South Africa: he will receive a $2,500 cash prize and an opportunity to travel to the Galapagos Islands.

The winners were also chosen in several categories: in the Animal Portraits category the winner is Varun Aditya, who captured the Green vine snake; the photograph of polar bear remains taken by the Russian photographer Vadim Balakin won in the Environmental Issues category; and the photo of a tree that grows in the middle of the river in the Netherlands taken by Jacob Kaptein won the first prize in the Landscape category.

Also among the best works of the contest — the photograph of a storm in the Pacific during the lightning strike taken by Santiago Borja, a pilot of Ecuador Airlines, at 11,000 meters and a photo by Chia Lawrence, who captured a crw hunting an owl. The works of all winners and finalists of the Nature Photographer of the Year are available at the website of the contest.

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