MasterCard Plans to Switch Passwords with Selfies

The Company claims that transition to the biometrical identification will make on-line payment more safe.

This autumn, MasterCard will start testing a new app for smartphones that will be able to confirm online payments with a selfie, writes CNN.

To make an online payment, the user will be able to make a selfie or scan a finger (in that case it will be possible only if the phones are equipped with a fingerprint identification unit). The new identification system will compare the scans with previously saved images. An owner of a bank card will be asked to blink while taking a selfie – to minimize the risk of fraud.

“The new generation, which is into selfies … I think they’ll find it cool. They’ll embrace it,” said MasterCard’s president in Enterprise Safety and Security, Ajay Bhalla.

According to MasterCard, the new identification system will be tested on 500 users and improved upon before implemented.

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