Sphere Camera for Intelligence Agencies is Created

The device allows receiving the panoramic images of the potentially dangerous areas

The Boston-based startup Bounce Imaging released Explorer, a camera for emergency services. The device allows police officers to view panoramic images of a premises before entering it.

Explorer’s sphere is covered in a thick rubber shell. Inside the shell is a camera with six lenses that shoot photos from all lenses a few times every second. Software uploads the images to a iOS or Android device and stitches them together into full panoramic images.

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According to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, whose alumni founded Bounce Imaging, the first 100 cams will used at the police departments nationwide.

In the future, creators of the Explorer plan to add sensors for radiation, temperature, and carbon monoxide that will help firefighters.

The price of the basic camera is $1,495 and infrared lightening – $2,495.

(Photo of the cover: Bounce Imaging)

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