Infographic of the Day: The Map of City’s Sounds

The creators of Chatty Maps are convinced that sounds of the cities help to find out more about life there.

A team of researchers and urbanists got together to study problems in the modern cities in the Good City Life project. The project called Chatty Maps includes the maps of London, Barcelona, Madrid, New York City, Boston, Chicago, Washington, Miami, San Francisco, Seattle, Milano, and Rome, based on the sounds that fill the streets of these cities.

Each of the sounds has a color: blue for conversations, steps, yelling, and laughter; red for transport; green for nature; yellow for music; grey for construction. The maps are based on tags placed under the photographs of cities on Flickr. The authors of the project think that the sounds of cities strongly impact the emotions of people who live there, and that it is easier to grasp those emotions through maps, Wired reports.

Earlier the participants of Good City Life released the map of the smells of cities and an app that helps people choose the most picturesque route.


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