Tinder Releases a Series of Awkward Videos about Choosing a Date

Tinder released a series of awkward videos to advertise the use of the application with Apple TV.

It features 16 stories in one family that has a TV with Tinder installed. The stories are filmed as if the camera was in front of the sofa. The son and the daughter of the family (as well as their grandmother) are using the application, but as they are using it with the TV screen, and the TV is in the living room, they have their decisions constantly commented by their parents: in one of the videos, the mother suggests her daughter chooses the date because he has good hair, in the other — the father advises not to choose someone because the looks like a bad guy.

Some videos shows heroes choosing a date together with their friends — in one of them, a young man chooses the sister of his friend (and they matched), and in the other the mother joins a group of four young women to evaluate men together with them. Several videos are about the grandmother who uses Tinder with the profile of a 24-year-old woman and swipes right on everybody.

Co.Create compared this series with HBO commercials that showed how awkward it may be to watch TV shows with the family, especially if they feature sex scenes. Tinder thinks that Apple TV will be useful because people will be able to evaluate their potential dates right at the dinner table together with their close circle who can provide good feedback.

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