Unseen Photographs of Pregnant Marilyn Monroe Published For the First Time

The close friend of the actress has kept the photographs for many years.

The Daily Mail has published unseen earlier photographs of pregnant Marilyn Monroe. The photographs were taken on July 8, 1960 in New York by the actress’ friend, Frieda Hull, who has kept them until her death and refused to sell them despite struggling financially.

The photographs were displayed to the public after Julien’s Auctions sold them along with other things that belonged to Hull. Her friend Tony Michaels bought them. He said that knew about these pictures long ago and wanted to buy them, but Hull refused the offers, wanting to keep the secret of her actress friend.

The period when the photographs were taken corresponds to the time when Let’s Make Love, a film where Monroe co-starred with Yves Montand. According to Tony Michaels, Montand, and not Monroe’s husband at the time, playwright Arthur Miller, was the father of the child.

“It wasn’t a guess or a presumption, it was something she [Frieda] knew for sure, she was very close to Marilyn.,” Michaels says. According to her, Monroe eventually lost the child. Before that, she had three miscarriages, which the doctors said was due to endometriosis.


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