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The Unseen: The Final Chapter in the Story of Infrared Plates

Edward Thompson used some of the last dead-stock rolls of Kodak Aerochrome Infrared film in existence for his project “The Unseen: An Atlas of Infrared Plates”.
Edward Thompson

A British photographer, artist, and lecturer. His documentary photo-essays have been published in international magazines including National Geographic Magazine, Newsweek Japan, Greenpeace Magazine, The Guardian Weekend Magazine, BBC, CNN and The Sunday Times Magazine. His work has been exhibited at Christie's, Somerset House, and Four Corners Gallery (London).

Inspired by the scientific uses of infrared film throughout history, The Unseen: An Atlas of Infrared Plates pushes the purposes and properties of the rarest photographic film on the planet to its scientific and conceptual limits. Edward Thompson set out to explore the boundaries of perception, whether they were things outside our visual spectrum or events that went unnoticed or unreported, and used some of the last 46 dead-stock rolls of Kodak Aerochrome Infrared film in existence to reveal the unseen.

The project comprises ten chapters: Thompson captured the radioactive forest near Chernobyl and the superficial veins beneath the skin, pollution in London and the haunted village in the UK, crops post-flood and military paintings, bees and beekeepers, gross specimens and the stars. The final chapter — that will also be final in the history of infrared film — is yet to be revealed.

Published by Schilt Publishing
Designed by Teun van der Heijden

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