Comic Book About Nazis Removed From Moscow Bookstores

Russian bookstores removed the book Maus by Art Spiegelman from shelves.

Moscow House of Books removed the comic book Maus by Art Spiegelman, who was awarded a Pulitzer Prize in 1992. The book, which has a swastika on the cover, was removed from stores after an announcement that there is to be an inspection of book, clothing and toy stores in Moscow before “Victory Day,” a Russian National on May 9th. Last month a criminal case was brought against a toy store for selling toy soldiers with “Nazi symbols.” The goal of the inspection is to remove illegal symbols from stores.

A journalist from Echo of Moscow, Dar’ya Peshzhikova, visited several book stores including Moscow House of Books, Moskva and Respublika. Salespeople confirmed that the book was removed from the shelves.

The novel tells the story of the author’s father, Vladek Spiegelman, who was held at the Auschwitz concentration camp and involved in the Dachau “death march.” The cover of the comic book features two mice and swastika.

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