Instagram Bans Hashtag #Curvy

The social network bans # Curvy as a search term, because it was used to share the nude photos.

Instagram blocked the hashtag #curvy, writes Independent. “We block (i.e. make unsearchable) certain hashtags when they are consistently being used to share images and videos that violate our Community Guidelines. In this case, #curvy was being used to share content that violates our guidelines around nudity,” said an Instagram spokesperson.

Instagram suggests using alternative hashtags #curvygirl, #curvyfashion, #curvywomen instead of the banned #curvy.

The social network did not ban search terms directly linked to the nudity images. Hashtags like #vaginas, #clitoris, #dildo, #bitch are still available.

In April, Instagram blocked an emoji “eggplant.” According to the social network it was used to the share photos of men’s genitals.

Despite the ban on the search terms “curvy” and emoji “eggplant,” the words can be still used in the captions, but not as hashtags.

(Photo on the cover: Jason McNeil/Flickr)

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