Video of the Day: A Kiss, Deferred

London based animation and illustration studio created an animated film based on a New York Times’ column.

On Monday, August 3, Moth, a British animation and illustration studio, released the video A Kiss, Deferred created for the New York Times. The animated short is based on a true story written by Nikolina Kulidžan “A Kiss Deferred by Civil War”.

The film tells the story of a Serbian girl named Nikolina from the Bosnian town Mostar. In sixth grade she meets a Croatian boy named Marko. They spend a lot of time together and become close friends. When the war in Yugoslavia begins, Marko and his parents move to the Croatian town Split. Nikolina’s house is destroyed during bombing. The girl’s family is forced to move to Belgrade and she never sees Marko again.

Later, Nikolina moves to California, and 16 years later she receives an e-mail from Marko. They begin writing each other and several years later Nikolina returns to Mostar to meet her childhood friend. They meet, talk and finally kiss each other.

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