Links of the Week

Houses with eyes, a skipping rope braid, and a dozen doppelgangers of Cara Delevingne in the weekly digest by Bird In Flight.

Close Ups

Waldo Nell photographs peacock feathers under the microscope.

Simply Cara

Jonathan Yeo painted 12 portraits of Cara Delevingne, calling her his muse.

The Color of the City

Matthieu Venot finds bright details in metropolitan architecture.

Everything’s Alright

Bobby Doherty creates ideal still life.

The Life of Insects

Carsten Witte interprets the ancient Greek myth about Psyche, who appeared to the mortals as a butterfly.

The Slowed Down World

Martin Heck shows natural phenomena in slow motion.

Everyday Luxury

Dolce&Gabbana gave Smeg fridges a royal look.

The Master’s Hand

Jordan Molina draws optical illusions of his palm.


Bara Prasilova experiments with other people’s hair.

Character Building

Michael William Lester made the most famous buildings on the planet come to life in animated illustrations.

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