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Abandoned psychiatric hospitals, food from a 3D printer, scotch tape, and the biggest photographs on the planet in the weekly digest by Bird In Flight.

Look Don’t Chew

Maya architecture inspired Sam Kaplan to make sculptures from chewing gum sticks.

The Master of Dots

Leib Chigrin draws photorealistic portraits of celebrities with a pointillism technique. He already drew Jack Nicholson, Walt Disney, Dr. Spock, and many others.

Photo Augmentation

Rosphoto.com presented a series of the biggest photographs in the world. The series include a 681-gigapixel panoramic view of the Moon, detailed photograph of the Milky Way and landscapes of Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Dubai, and Mont Blanc mountain.

Empty Wards

Chris Payne photographed the interiors of 70 abandoned psychiatric wards.

Through China

Luke Gram traveled around China to understand the culture of its inhabitants. Not that the understanding part can be done that fast, but his photographs are great.

The Idea Stuck

Max Zorn creates pictures from scotch tape.

La Sagrada Familia against Taj Mahal

Raconteur magazine compiled the infographics about the most beautiful buildings on the planet, chosen by readers’ votes.

Edible Hi-Tech

Chloe Rutzerveld offers to print food on a 3D printer.


Maud Vantours collages advertisement posters and interior decorations from paper.

Spare No Effort

It took Scott Weaver 34 years and 100,000 toothpicks to create a kinetic sculpture dedicated to San Francisco.

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