Links of the Week

Back people, a smart rock, environmentally-friendly nudity, and a meat carpet in the weekly digest by Bird In Flight.

Talk to the Back

Ana Hell draws faces on other people’s backs.

Bare Fact

The first issues of Flat File educational project’s magazine speaks about the visual style of Fact, a magazine without illustrations, published between 1964 and 1967 by journalists Ralph Ginzburg and designer and typographer Herb Lubalin.

Don’t Blow It

Bill Gudenrath experimentally recreates the traditions of Renaissance Venetian glass blowers.

Artificial Meat Carpet

MAD Architects studio creates a series of inedible carpets for dogs.

Sports for the Rich

Victor Solomon makes basketball baskets from jewellery.

A Sea of Bodies

Spencer Tunick organizes flash mobs for the environment, involving hundreds of activists who are ready to get naked.

Natural Beauty

Susan McLeary makes accessories from live plants.

Alien at the Beach

Andres Diez distorts the beach landscapes we are used to.

A Lump of Wisdom

Aram Bartholl equipped a rock with Wi-Fi and all kinds of advice for people.

Angel Horror

Maria Rubinke creates scary porcelain figurines.

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