Links of the Week

Teaware for Skype, a glacier in Paris, fried eggs on the wall and woolen hens in the weekly digest by Bird In Flight.

Finger Guide to Chinese Characters

Taiwanese artist ShaoLan deciphered basic Chinese characters to help everyone who finally wants to remember them.

Healthy Appetite

It took artist Christopher Chiappa a year to make 7,000 plaster fried eggs.

Bearable Lightness

Illustrator and cartoonist from Argentina Alejandro Burdisio imagines the universe without traffic jams. His cars and gas stations can levitate.

Ice Clock

Artist Olafur Eliasson brought 80 tons of ice to Paris, so that the participants of the UN Conference on Climate Change would not forget why they had gathered.

A Car for Introverts

The Readymag team published a second issue of the online magazine enso with a review of a dozen of the most elegant microcars of the epoch.

Cinema House

Italian illustrator Federico Babina imagined what the famous film directors would look like if they were houses. Just in case.

Long-Distance Tea

Louisa Zahareas from Greece created a surreal teaware set for Skype to show how family traditions and friendships change under the influence of modern technologies.

Warm Relations

Nicola Condon from England and her mom knit woolen jumpers for ex-battery hens.

Good Match

Bernard Pras from France creates reproductions of paintings and photographs from garbage.

Over the Top

Peruvian artist Ana Teresa Barboza embroiders landscapes where the rivers literally overflow.

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