Links of the Week

Everyday life of Barbie who grew up, Jenga with cats, drawings on watermelon seeds, and paper dogs in the weekly digest by Bird In Flight.

His Own Movie

Ethan Murrow creates paintings, where he adds fantasies to the aesthetics of old American movies.

Babylonian Factory

Michael Kerbow imagined the possible future of humanity.

Pick a Cat

Comma modified Jenga board game. Now instead of wooden blocks players can move cats forever.

100 km of Loneliness

Petros Koublis photographs life away from civilization.

Color or B/W

Artist Dzikson Wildstyle gives people tattoos with realistic portraits.

Dolled Up

Mariel Clayton photographs Barbie’s adult life.

Stitched Painting

Lisa Smirnova makes paintings with needle and thread.

On the Dark Side of the City

Masashi Wakui collects photo stories of Tokyo nightlife.

80 lvl Origami

Nick Georgiou creates sculptures from books and newspapers.

Seeds of a Design

Hasan Kale draws on the smallest canvas he can find. Most often he uses rice and watermelon seeds.

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