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Flash drives, edible vases, accessory cities and dressed-up animals in the weekly digest by Bird In Flight.


Dino Valls added psychological tension to classical plots of Renaissance paintings.

A Pile of Work

Joseph Holmes captures workplaces that haven’t been tidied up in a while.


Jason Ratliff saw shadows that hide behind each child.

Houses on Standing Their Own Feet

Tytus Brzozowski perfects Warsaw in aquarel paintings.

City on a Finger

Ola Shekhtman turned cities into accessories.

A Door Backwards

Nynke Koster made an impression of the doors of the east entrance to the Florence Baptistery and offered to stomp on a work of art.

Learn to Swim

Muriel Bordier offered tens of ways to spend time in an empty swimming pool.

City Zoo

Julien Nonnon let the animals out to the streets of Paris.

Fish Day

Danling Xiao replaced boring crystal vases.

Like a Sore Thumb

Justin Poulsen organized a promo with a giveaway of fifty USB drives.

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